We do the technical analysis for you.

Every hedge fund and big brokerage house in the world has a “Chief Technical Analyst.” The professionals whose job is making money every single day, whether the market is going up or down, ALL pay careful attention to price charts. Why should you be any different?

We analyze the price charts. We monitor the technical indicators. We alert you of the trades.

Smart Chart Investor provides simple, actionable trade alerts that tell you when it’s time to get in and when it’s time to get out. You simply check your inbox and take action. We’ll do the professional-grade technical analysis for you, and we don’t stop there …

In the process, we provide the education Wall Street doesn’t want you to have.

How do you think the professionals are able to profit, no matter if the market is going up or down? Because there’s always “smart money” and “dumb money” in the market, that’s how …

And the “smart money” relies on “dumb money” to do what the majority of long-term investors’ are doing right now! In other words, chasing hot stock tips, overspending on management costs, blindly following their brokers’ buy recommendations, never selling (or selling too late), and generally ignoring price charts and technical indicators entirely.

We believe that with the right knowledge and tools, ordinary people can invest better than the pros.

So beyond our “done-for-you” buy and sell signals, we also provide ongoing training in how to use simple, free tools to implement the Smart Chart Investor model yourself. We’ll give you a summary of why each trade was triggered. We’ll explain the indicators in play and what further support or resistance levels we’re keeping an eye on. You will have all the information necessary to make the best decisions for your investment goals. And your confidence will grow along with your knowledge and understanding, leaving you able to execute your own trades without hesitation, confusion, or fear.

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