Don Roth (CEO) and two of his sons, Chris and Jeff (Marketing Director), at Chris’s wedding.

My hope: to offer the simplest, safest, and most profitable long term investment strategy for average investors (and professionals alike).

4 years ago, after two 50% bear markets, and 25 years of experience as a broker, day trader, and technical analyst, I sought to provide my friends a better way to invest.

I saw several good friends lose half of their net worth and/or be forced into delayed retirement due to severe losses experienced in the early 2000’s and again in 2008.

I knew I could offer them a level of protection from those losses that their advisors had failed to. A way to quietly invest for the long term, while avoiding the heavy losses that had devastated so many of their portfolios and retirement plans.

Looking around, I saw nothing that offered this. There are day trading websites. There are educational dvd’s and courses. There are stock pickers. But none of these provided the simple risk management strategies that would benefit an average, long term investor… like my friends.

It was my son Jeff (my Marketing Director) who finally convinced me to share what I know with a broader audience. There was a clear and wide gap in what is offered to the average investor. There is nothing between the underperforming, mercy of the market strategy of buy and hold; and risky, time consuming day-trading websites.

I hope to fill that gap. I hope to provide investors with an easy to understand, easy to follow investment vehicle that can virtually eliminate heavy losses and provide sustainable and increased growth over the long term. An alternative to handing your money to a broker (beset by a quota) and leaving your money to the mercy of the market and the next 50% market dump.

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